Leap energy has provided reservoir modeling, area and field development planning services to a number clients with assets in Africa.
Integrated ADP/ FDP Studies
Deepwater reservoir modelling and FDP support
Provided reservoir characterisation, geo-cellular static modelling, and dynamic numerical simulation in support the Field Development Plan, for an undeveloped deepwater oil and gas field.
Field & Asset reviews
Deepwater field production review
Carried out a production review for a deepwater oil field. The objective was to identify and understand causes for the steep production decline, assess and quantify undeveloped volumes, using a combination of analytical techniques, numerical simulation assisted by the interpretation of a 4D seismic survey.  The work identified a number of infill and intervention opportunities, as well as an improved understanding of the effectiveness of water injection as a secondary recovery mechanism.
Deepwater Reservoir Modelling Support
Provided thin-bed petrophysics and geomodelling support to review for a non-operated gas field with thin oil rim, awaiting development. The study identified significant upside potential especially in the oil rim.
Wells and Operations
Infill drilling campaign planning, deepwater field
Provided well planning and location optimisation support as well as technical coaching for the client’s staff. The project led to the drilling of two infill wells and water shut-off interventions, which led to significant oil production improvement.