Actenum Corporation, a Canadian software company providing operational scheduling and optimization solutions to the oil & gas industry, and LEAP Energy, an international subsurface consulting and technology delivery provider with offices in Brisbane, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, signing of an exclusive agency agreement.
Under the terms of the agreement, LEAP Energy will promote and sell Actenum’s solutions and provide technical support to Actenum clients in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. LEAP Energy’s professional services team will also participate in the implementation of Actenum solutions as they are deployed to regional clients.
A complete solution for scheduling well delivery
DSO/Upstream is an interactive software solution that brings a new level of efficiency and accountability to the development and management of complex well delivery schedules.
Designed specifically for rig scheduling in upstream operations, and configurable to meet any organization’s requirements, DSO/Upstream eliminates the need for error-prone manual data entry and un-auditable collections of spreadsheets, by centralizing your lease, equipment, and exploration/production activity information in a single database-based application that is accessible by multiple users.
Schedule automatically and save hours of manual effort
DSO/Upstream saves you time and helps you to deal with complexity by automatically finding the best way of scheduling upstream activities, including construction, drilling, completions, fracturing, workovers, tie-ins, and logging. Hours of manual effort are replaced by an advanced optimizer that takes time-based obligations and critical milestones into account, while balancing trade-offs and ensuring that all of your operational and business rules and constraints are met.
You simply prepare the input data, and DSO/Upstream does the work, aligning your schedule with business objectives.
Use your expertise to fine tune results
DSO/Upstream makes it easy to use your expert knowledge to fine tune results, using interactive Gantt charts and spreadsheet-like views of your data. You no longer need to spend time manually recalculating outcomes each time you make adjustments to a well delivery schedule: DSO/Upstream handles that by showing you the impact on your business objectives immediately, providing a “look ahead” capability for any specified time period.
Evaluate scenarios and perform “what if?” analysis
DSO/Upstream features a powerful “what if” evaluation capability, so that you can rapidly generate and assess multiple schedule scenarios, and select the optimal alternative. And DSO/Upstream incorporates a “goal seeking” capability that provides a fast way of generating well delivery schedules that meet your business objectives. Using DSO/Upstream, you can rapidly find answers to questions like:

  • What leases will be affected if we reduce the number of drilling rigs in an area?
  • Can we maintain field production targets with fewer drilling rigs?
  • Can we arrange rig movements in a way that reduces the distance travelled (and therefore, the cost of the movements) without affecting overall production?
  • How much more production could we obtain by adding a rig?
  • What can we do to minimize lost production when a rig is out of service for some reason?
  • Improve collaboration with a consolidated view of operations
    DSO/Upstream’s consolidated operational model enables you to collaborate with your colleagues rapidly and effectively. With your lease, equipment, and activity information in one comprehensive application, you can focus on business objectives as you decide on the best way to move forward with well delivery operations.
    You always have the right equipment in the right place at the right time.
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