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Charity Event 2013
LE Charity 2013
“The yearly LEAP Energy Charity Drive: the opportunity to give back.”
December 2013: Seizing the chance to give back some of our time and make a financial contribution to a worthy and meaningful cause is a wonderful opportunity. Every year, the LEAP Energy team gets together and sets out to do our little bit for the community.
Following the success of the Charity Event LEAP Energy organised last 2 years we want to give our best to the society once again and in 2013 we organize another Charity Event – a Christmas party for PUSAT PENJAGAAN KANAK-KANAK CACAT TAMAN MEGAH. The Pusat was founded by the LATE MR.S.K MANIKUMAR A/L S. KANAN and he officially registered the home under the welfare as a non-profit organization in 1997. The founder dedicated his whole life to fulfill this vision. There are 138 children of all races living at the Pusat, ranging in age from 9 months to adults up to 56 years of age and coming from all over peninsular Malaysia. Around 100 children are disabled with various disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, micro cephalous, hydro cephalous, global delay, epilepsy, stroke, muscular dystrophy, hyper activity, physical challenges, intellectual disabilities as well as speech, audio and visual impairments. The rest are healthy, but underprivileged children who come from broken, abused or single parent backgrounds. Sixty seven children are going to school; of these thirty are healthy children who go to normal schools; three children are in nursery, one doing a diploma in Nursing (MAHSA College) while the rest are in special schools.
The day was full of charming moments for all of the people who participated in the all activities that we organized, such as: painting, games, dancing, magic show, clown performance and of course…unexpected visit from Santa Clause and Santarina!
At the end of the day LEAP Energy made a donation to assure that the smiles that we’ve seen on children’s and adult’s faces will stay there as long as it is only possible!

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