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Charity Event 2016


December 2016: Christmas means the seasons of giving. This year event we decided to support the orphan kids at Welfare Home Titian Kasih, Titiwangsa by sponsoring their school supplies such as uniforms, stationary, and school bags.
It’s a familiar story for many parents at the beginning of new year, buying new uniforms and making sure those shoes are shiny are the very important thing for first day of school.
It might be stressful but most of our children are lucky to have access to a good education and we don’t have to worry about them, however for many orphan children having a good education can be a very struggle and to prepare for a new school year is an next to impossible.
Education is a right and not a privilege. We hope with this encouragement, the orphan children will be given an opportunity to become programmers, engineers, geologists, accountants, or architects of tomorrow.
We organized a day full with activities for the homes. It was a wonderful day and we cherish every smile we managed to bring to the faces of these lovely children.
We were pleased to raised and handed over a cheque and sponsored item worth MYR 34,453.55.

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