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Area and Field Development Planning

Area and Field Development Planning

Fully Integrated Subsurface Team
LEAP Energy routinely deploys integrated subsurface teams that engage in developing Area and Field Development Plans at different stages of a project’s lifecycle:
  • Conceptual ADP/FDPs conducted at the Identify and Assess phases
  • Comprehensive ADP/FDPs conducted in support of the selection of an optimal development concept within the Concept Select stage
  • Optimisation of ADPs/FDPs through Definition and Implementation phases, adjusting plans based on calibrated new data and information
Appraisal and Uncertainty Reduction
We advise clients on the key uncertainties that appraisal should address to accelerate final Investment Decisions and produce integrated field development plans that will underpin project sanction.
Software and Technology
LEAP Energy uses industry-leading third-party softwares, as well as a suite of in-house efficiency-enhancers tools developed in support of the quantification of uncertainty, risks and value of information.