Manage Solutions

Managed Solutions

We have developed workflows and methodologies through our project management and technical delivery experience that provide an edge to our clients. We articulate this expertise over the following four pillars:
1. Managed solutions
We provide our clients with solutions and answers, not bodies. Our capability to execute projects, with milestones and deliverables that our clients and their stakeholders require is what sets us apart and has been the foundation of our success to date. Technical expertise leveraged by project management capabilities.
2. Practical technology-driven approach
We pride ourselves in utilising technology where it has the most impact. Our consultants are trained with a range of industry best-in-class softwares and tools, and our independence guaranties that the best tool for the job is selected. We always make sure a fit-for-purpose, practical approach is selected.
3. Uncertainty Framing and decision based approach
We believe it to be fundamental to the success of E&P ventures, so our subsurface studies start with developing an understanding of what matters most. This allows to focus reservoir development activities and conduct value of information exercises. We prioritise systematically the elements of subsurface studies according to their impact on key project decisions.
4. Stakeholder engagement and Knowledge transfer
We work closely with the clients’ key stakeholders and ensure delivery is aligned to expectations. We proactively manage knowledge transfer throughout the project life and ensure adequate handovers at the end of our managed projects. We can also provide opportunities for junior staff to learn with us, on-the-job, industry best practices.