Exploration and Appraisal
Near-field potential resources assessment
Identified a near-field potential exploration target following a detailed seismic interpretation exercise on a near-by field. Closure and conformable amplitudes (DHI) were identified, and a volumetrics assessment was carried out, suggesting a significant upside.
Data Room Support
Supported the prospectivityanalysis of several blocks offshore Malaysia, by assisting in fast-turnaround seismic mapping and attribute analysis as well as by providing analogue know-howconcerningplay type and reservoir typing/risking for carbonate prospectivityin the block.
Integrated ADP/ FDP Studies
Marginal Oil Field FDP
Subsurface support to a marginal oil field FDP offshore Sarawak, Malaysia. Delivered a combined static/dynamic modeling (incl. stakeholder endorsement) within 2 months to adhere to a highly aggressive project schedule to first oil. Our staff’s regional expertise, standardized workflows and LEAP’s ability to quickly ramp up manpower support were key contributors to this accelerated delivery.
Deep Water Gas Field FDP
Subsurface support to a deepwater turbidite gas field FDP offshore Sabah. Workscope included seismic interpretation, special seismic studies including AVO inversion, seismically constrained static modelling, dynamic reservoir modelling and production forecasting, well completion design, assistance in development concept selection and in defining appropriate mitigation strategies for the key subsurface risks.
Deep Water Producing Oil Field FDP Update
Geophysics and geomodelling support to the Rev3 FDP update of a large producing deepwater oil field offshore Sabah, Malaysia..
Stacked Gas & Condensate Field Development Plan
Carried out a full integrated Field development plan, inclusive of Feasibility and Concept Select Gates. The scope of works covered all aspects of subsurface, surface, project management and operations.
State-of-the-art seismic-constrained geo-cellular modelling was performed, allowing the optimisation of stacked pay targeting using multiple attributes analysis. Multi-disciplinary EOR assessment was conducted.
Area Development Plan
Resource assessment support and conceptual development planning including notional drill centre count / location, notional well count per drill site, notional well and completion type selection, notional production profiles and assistance to facilities concept identification for multi-stacked reservoirs in a Malay Basin PSC.
Key achievements included the integration of advanced attribute analysis and QI work to define the distribution reservoir quality sands, developing workflows and techniques to compensate for the distorting impact to the reservoir imaging of shallow overburden features.
Field & Asset reviews
Asset framing
Prepare and provide a framing assessment of shallow water, clastics reservoir gas discoveries, as the new operator takes over the acreage.
Deepwater oil field resource assessment and unitization advice
Conduct a fast-tracked volumetric assessment for a deepwater field, offshore East Malaysia. Findings and results of the study were used as consideration in determining interim tract participation for the asset.