What do we do?

With operating offices in Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane and Bucharest, representative offices in Oman, India and Indonesia, LEAP Energy is an international subsurface consulting and technology delivery group with over fifty staff and associates. Our projects are taking us throughout South-East Asia, Australia, the Middle-East and Europe.
LEAP Energy provides subsurface consulting and software technology development services for the oil and gas industry. In particular, we provide expertise in difficult hydrocarbon recovery, fractured and complex reservoirs and enhanced oil recovery with specialised experience in integrated field studies of unconventional resources (coal-bed methane, shale gas, geothermal).
  • We have developed expertise in reservoir modelling of geologically complex settings, where integration of seismic, static and dynamic data is essential.
  • We have provided consulting services to both IOCs and NOCs.
  • We believe we have uniquely integrated these three key fundamental value drivers (Expertise. Experience. Technology.) into our company, and thereby provide our clients with a positive differentiator  over our competition.
  • Our size allows us to give our full attention to all problems faced by our clients.
Our Vision
LEAP Energy aims to be the preferred consultancy for high-end integrated subsurface & development projects. We focus on providing high quality technical and project management expertise while deploying best practices of opportunity realisation, advanced geo-modelling and uncertainty management techniques, while continuing to embrace novel technologies in reservoir characterisation, seismic interpretation and reservoir modelling.
To achieve these goals, LEAP Energy has built a strong, competent and growing team of professionals to fulfil the client’s needs and to continue to build upon an existing track record of excellence. Our staff has been carefully selected with the goal of building a group of strong team players with the right skill sets, a wide combined experience and unique expertise level.
LEAP Energy has an extensive experience of the South-East Asia Oil & Gas acreage. Whilst this is where our expertise foundation lies, our consultants have a worldwide experience gained in a variety of settings.