EXPERIENCE > Mauritania

This was a full field review (FFR), for a mature producing oil asset. All usual scope elements of a FFR are included, with a particular emphasis on the analyse of the production data, utilizing all available raw and interpreted data, including 4D seismic. LEAP Energy establish causes and remedies for the steep decline in oil production and to assist in understanding the apparent discrepancies of production performance between wells. The work include rebuild the geophysical framework, including producing a revised seismic interpretation, updated static models, and matched dynamic models to forecast remaining reserves and test infill/redevelopment opportunities. The project required that we re-assess optimum reservoir depletion strategies, additionally, we reviewed and improved the drilling and completion practices for the field.
EOR/Petrophysical analysis
The key elements included petro-physical analysis with emphasis on quantification of hydrocarbon volumes in the thin beds and reservoir property estimates for the thin beds. We conducted an integrated study of log and SCAL data from the field and nearby analogue fields to develop saturation-height functions and relative permeability curves for the various facies. We produced a detailed investigations of hysteresis effects due to the dynamic nature of the trap were conducted. 3D modeling of reservoir architecture and properties constrained by well logs and seismic attributes was done and assistance in dynamic model initialization using the upscaled static model, and advice on simulation strategies for thin oil rim recovery was provided.
Oil and Gas Deepwater Turbidite
The scope includes all the usual technical requirements of a full FDP. In particular, geophysical interpretation, petrophysical assessment, static modeling, reservoir engineering basic data analysis, dynamic modeling, wells and completion design were conducted by LEAP Energy consultants. The resourcing and project delivery model was for this FDP a ‘in-sourcing’ model. As a consequence, LEAP Energy consultants were deployed within the team, and one important aspect of the Scope of Works was capability development of the Client’s staff.
EOR/Well Planning
Review sweep efficiency of the existing waterflood program using well production data complemented by 4D seismic. Define, assess and implement a number of opportunities to enhance the production, including water shut-offs, re-perforations and infill drilling.  Provide well planning and location optimization support as well as technical coaching for the client’s staff.