LEAP Energy offers a full range of integrated E&P consulting solutions, from exploration, appraisal, field development planning, well drilling and completions to reservoir management and production optimisation. We also provide commercial support for A&D and portfolio valuation activities.
LEAP Energy provides subsurface consulting for the oil and gas industry. In particular, we provide expertise in difficult hydrocarbon recovery, complex reservoirs, enhanced oil recovery, unconventional resources and integrated field studies.
Deepwater brings geological and engineering challenges that require deployment of state-of-the-art reservoir characterisation, modelling techniques as well as a solid understanding of the fundamental characteristics of turbidites and mass-transport deposits reservoir development.
LEAP Energy is a leading provider of coalbed methane (CBM) geosciences and engineering services, acquired through experience in worldwide coal basins.
LEAP Energy offers a wide and growing range software products that allow our customers in oil and gas industry to enjoy advanced functionalities in every-day work.
LEAP Energy routinely deploys integrated subsurface teams that engage in developing Area and Field Development Plans at different stages of a project’s lifecycle.

International Experience
Our team of experienced consultants are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and conduct studies for clients worldwide. We have currently operations in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Brisbane, Australia.

Asia - Pacific Expertise
Our principal consultants have extensively worked in the Asia-Pacific region, especially Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. We are intimately familiar with the technical and opportunities specific to this region.

Key Differentiators
We have developed workflows and methodologies through our project management and technical delivery experience that provide an edge to our clients.